Director of Recruiting & Scouting

What We Are Looking For:

  • Person with high Integrity
  • Someone that loves sports
  • You enjoy working with youth
  • Understands Social Media and how to use it.
  • Good at communicating
  • Coach, Trainer or past player.
  • Eager to grow and learn
  • Someone looking to make a steady commission for your work.
  • THIS IS NOT A GET RICH POSITION...We Are not looking for you if that is what you are looking for.
  • Someone interested in growing with the company and potentially being promoted.

Thanks for the interest in learning more about this opportunity. My name is Tim Robinson and I am the founder of Team Elite Recruiting. I started this company after coaching basketball and football for over 15 years. I really felt like student athletes needed a team that could help with the recruiting journey, so that is why I started the business.

We are looking for Directors of Recruiting & Scouting for basketball and football all over the Nation. Our job is all about networking and promoting the student athlete so that he or she get's exposure to college coaches. We spend a lot of time on Social Media sites reaching out to student athletes to offer our services. We also network with coaches on Social Media to learn of their needs and how we may can help. The other part of the job that I really enjoy is becoming the go to for high schools in your area. You network with high school coaches and athletic directors to help them see that you are there to help the athlete get to college. You also can go to games and network at games. It is really a fun job and one that I love!

So what do we offer to you? First off, you would be an independent contractor and not an employee of TER. This is a commission position only and you work when you want to work. Our platform gives you the ability to have student athletes register for a Free Profile on our website. Once they are in our system you would try to convert them to a paid package which is really affordable. When they convert to a paid package our team starts to help them get looks. My job from there is to send out their Profile to colleges that might fit their ability. We also send them NCAA rules info, plus other recruiting tips. You would stay active with them and keep them informed on the status of the recruiting. 

We are called Team Elite Recruiting because we are not just going to bring anyone into the team. You must really care about the student athlete and work hard at helping them get to college. If you would like to be considered for the position please complete the contact form and we will contact you to discuss more details. Thanks!