Madison Wells

Class of 2021 - PG 

Athlete's Name: Madison Wells
Athlete's Email:
Athlete's Phone number: 9709464768
Instagram: @mad_basketball14
Facebook: Madison Wells
Year you will graduate?: 2021
Parent's Full Name: Julie Wells
Parent's Email:
Parent's Phone number: 9709468039
School Name: Bayfield High School
City, State: Bayfield, Colorado
Country: US
Check All That Apply: Women's Basketball
Position You Play: Point Guard
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs
GPA: 4.0
SAT / ACT / PSAT : N/A / N/A / 1120
NCAA Eligibility # : 2006871576

Video Link /Hudl/Etc: 
Video Link /Hudl/Etc: 

What are your goals for college? : My goals for college are to be able to continue to play the game that I love while also getting an education. I would also like to graduate from college debt free. 

What are 3 Strengths that you have on the court or field?: Ball Handling
Good Defender
Court Awareness 

What are 2 skills that you are still developing?: Finishing strong
Free Throws 

Why should a college pick you instead of someone else?: A college should pick me because I am willing to work hard and give 100 percent all of the time. I am also a good team player and get along with everyone on my team. I have been able to be a captain and want my teammates to also be able to succeed.