Luke Bramlett

Belton High , WR, Jersey # 4

Phone # 254-231-8308

Athlete's Name: Luke Bramlett
Athlete's Email:
Athlete's Phone number: 254-231-8308
Instagram: _.lukebramlett._
Twitter: @lukebramlett1
Facebook: Luke Bramlett
Year you will graduate?: 2021
School Name: Belton High School
City, State: Belton, TX
Country: USA
Check All That Apply: Men's Football
Position You Play: Wide Receiver
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156

GPA: 4.3 
SAT / ACT / PSAT : 1110
NCAA Eligibility # : 2004851531

Stats: 305 total receiving yards, 21 catches, 2 TD's, 14.5 Avg Rec Yards, 43.6 Rec Yards/Game 

Video Link /Hudl/Etc:

What are your goals for college? : 

Excel in my classes
Complete Bachelor's Program in 4 years
Play football and/or basketball at the next level 

What are 3 Strengths that you have on the court or field?: 

Route running

What are 2 skills that you are still developing?: 

Body weight 

Why should a college pick you instead of someone else?:

I am open to whatever opportunities the future may hold. I pride myself in being flexible and adaptable. I think the best way of planning for the future is to make the most of the present. I give 110% to everything I do.