Joshua Grimes

Holy Cross, SF, Class of 2021

Athlete's Name: Joshua Grimes
Athlete's Email:
Athlete's Phone number: 210-544-1140
Year you will graduate?: 2021  
School Name: Holy Cross Hs of San Antonio
City, State: San Antonio, Texas
Country: USA 
Check All That Apply: Men's Basketball
Position You Play: Shooting guard
Height: 6'2
Weight: 175
GPA: 3.75
SAT / ACT / PSAT : 1040 (first attempt)
NCAA Eligibility # : 1807229494 

Video Link /Hudl/Etc:
Video Link /Hudl/Etc:

What are your goals for college? : To attend a college preferably in Texas or the Southwest where I can major in sports management or sports medicine and play basketball. 

What are 3 Strengths that you have on the court or field?: Communication
Court vision

What are 2 skills that you are still developing?: Lateral quickness
Ball handling 

Why should a college pick you instead of someone else?: I never view putting in work as work...I love it! I love this game and enjoy every moment I get to play. I am highly coachable, hard working and committed to improving. I am also a high achieving student and am focused on achieving my goals through teamwork and maintaining a positive attitude.