Devon Walls

Class of 2021 - Combo Guard 

Athlete's Name: Devon Walls
Athlete's Email:
Athlete's Phone number: 516-712-0095
Instagram: dj.walls
Twitter: DevonWalls11
Facebook: Devon Walls
Year you will graduate?: 2021
Parent's Full Name: Barbara Hilliard-Walls
Parent's Email:
Parent's Phone number: 9179404490
School Name: Holy Trinity
City, State: Hicksville, NY
Country: United States
Check All That Apply: Men's Basketball
Position You Play: Shooting Guard, Forward
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 161
GPA: 3.0
SAT / ACT / PSAT / TOEFL : SAT Aug 2020; ACT Oct 2020
NCAA Eligibility # : 1906597442 

Video Link /Hudl/Etc:
Video Link /Hudl/Etc: 

What are your goals for college? : Major in Business and Economics
Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher Earn my BA/MBA 

What are 3 Strengths that you have on the court or field?: Defense
Creating & Finishing 

What are 2 skills that you are still developing?: Foot work
Vocal Leader 

Why should a college pick you instead of someone else?: A college should pick me because I am hardworking and determined. I spend a lot of time in the gym working on my game. I love the game and I want to get better. I am a team player. Team goals are the priority.