"We Get You Seen By Coaches"

College Basketball Recruiting & Scouting 

Over 15 years of Experience!

Team Elite Recruiting is made up of coaches, college athletes, pro athletes and long time recruiting partners. Our goal is to get you playing at the next level! We take great pride in seeing you receive great opportunities and succeeding in life! 

About Our Elite Team

I want to welcome you to the Elite Team Recruiting website. Our goal is to help you play college sports and to help you really understand the process. 

The team is ran by Tim Robinson, whom brings over 15 years of coaching experience and college playing experience to the team. He has spent most of his life working with student athletes to help them advance to the college level.  Tim developed this company so that he can help parents and athletes get great exposure to colleges for an affordable cost.   

We are always looking for great people to add to your team. If you are interested in learning more about our Scouting opportunities then please send an email to tim@teameliterecruiting.com